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What is meant by Scholarship?

What is meant by Scholarship?

The word scholarship refers to “academic study or achievement learning at high level”. “Scholarship” often refers to financial support for a student. A financial aid is in the form of a grant that does not have to repaid by the recipient. Scholarship are most often given to students for one of two reasons

Achievement in academics or other areas of financial need.

Importance of Scholarship in student life:

Starting your trip to scholarship is one of the best factors that could occur to anyone who is enthusiastic about education, such as having goals of improving your future. Presently scholarships is assisting huge figures to students and now its your turn to give your time and efforts to take benefit of it. Scholarships are very important to high school students who will be attending college, as well as to school students, because cost of education being so expensive, many students and parents have to take out loans to pay for college or resort to other measures. scholarship facility is really very useful for every student. especially if the student is very talented, he/she is very loyal with their studies, and the student is not able to pay for their  higher education .In such cases,  scholarship can be a huge tool to make a student’s career. So give it a chance, apply for as many scholarships you can  and you will definitely stand a higher chance to receive a scholarship . Give it your best shot!  

Helps To Achieve a desired  goal:

Do you have any wish or goal you want to achieve? Is money the problem?  If you stay dedicated and work hard, then definitely there will be a success “A dream is useless unless executed”.

How to get a scholarship?

Scholarships are challenging factors. Everyone wants to be a part of it but only a selected few get them. Scholarships differ from financial loans, no interest needs to be paid or no money has to be returned .It is totally free and also provides  benefits of choosing your preferred subject They are also brilliant resume boosters and look fantastic on any resume.

Now, there are so many types of scholarships, it helps to stay updated on the types, time, ranges, amount and places to find them. Some high schools give away scholarships prior to attending college. Some scholarships are merit-based, others are need based, interest based, cultural based and so on…..

The best way to start looking for scholarships is to do your analysis or research. Every college and university will have a dowry with various scholarships. Usually they will be listed on the schools website; however, you can always inquire as to their prevalence. When you learn about them.




Here are some types of scholarships:

Merit based:

These scholarships are among the most common ones and are usually awarded by private organizations as well as by public institutions or directly from the university where you are going to study. Most scholarship holders of merit-based scholarships are chosen by considering the academic performance as well as extracurricular activities like volunteer commitment, work experience or other experiences. However, there are also special fellowships that focus less on the academic but for example more on artistic, athletic or musical abilities. Many merit-based scholarships are awarded without regard for financial need.

Need based scholarships: Depending on your personal and your families financial situation, you might qualify for a need-based scholarship. They are designed to fund the less-fortunate students in their academic pursuits. Scholarship committees look at various reasons for this hardship: Parents' income, number of siblings in school simultaneously, expenses, cost of living, etc.

Athletic Scholarships: Scholarships are popularly given to star athletes by universities to recruit them for the athletic teams. Many athletes complete their education free of charge, but also pay the price of overworked team sports. Usually full-scholarship athletes are recruited by "scouts" while in high school. You don't usually pursue this type of scholarship; it is given to you.

School-Based Individual Scholarships: Every school offers specific scholarships relevant to specifics from the university: donors, individual name scholarships, personal scholarships, and so on. Sometimes you have to apply directly to the scholarship, and other times, just by being accepted, you are placed in the bowl for possible scholarship awards.

Career-specific: These are scholarships a college or university awards to students who plan to pursue a specific field of study. Often, the most generous awards to students who pursue careers in high-need areas such as education or nursing. Many schools in the United States give future nurses full scholarships to enter the field, especially if the student intends to work in a high-need community.

Full/Partial Scholarship

Many people look at scholarships as a whole and think that they sometimes cover everything. If you are lucky enough to receive a full scholarship, then yes, they cover living, books, and tuition. However, many scholarships are partial, meaning they may cover simply living, simply books, or part of the tuition. If you are awarded any type of scholarship, take it and run! They are prized, wonderful gifts, and you should feel honored to receive one. While several scholarships are school based, others are based on almost every other personal element that can exists. Several websites and books are designed purely for the existence of finding scholarships.

College-specific: College-specific scholarships are offered by individual colleges and universities to highly qualified applicants. These scholarships, given on the basis of academic and personal achievement, usually result in either a full-ride to the college, or for a reduced rate of tuition.

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