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Be Honest and lead a decent life...

                                                           Be Honest and lead a decent life…

Honest people are respected and trusted upon because they are known to stand by their truth. Without honesty, the world would be a awful and gloomy place to live in. No one likes dishonesty. But, unfortunately, being untruthful with others and ourselves is sometimes easier than telling the truth. Learning to be truthful and eliminating the purpose for falsehood can help to clean up your sense of right and wrong.

How to be Honest?

Be Honest with Yourself: Be honest and everything will turn out well for you, and you will come to realize that truly, Honesty is the Best Policy.

Set some time aside for yourself & Introspect: Allot some time to think and reflect on the task you have set for yourself. Get up early, or find a quiet space where you can sit and think. List the answers of few questions like what is your life all about and its purpose? What have you accomplished, why did you do it? What would you like to accomplish?

Make "SWOT" diagram: Find the strength and weakness and learn to conquer your weakness. 

Ask associates or relatives or friends whom you trust how they see you: An honest judgment by somebody outside can help you to know if your personal evaluation of yourself is logical.

Be ready to change your life style: Tell yourself, it's my life, and if I want to be cheerful, hale and hearty, I alone must decide what stays and what goes. Tell yourself the truth, even if the truth is shocking. Although sometimes it's hard to self analyze, admitting to yourself that you are envious of someone is better than trying to deny it. The truth may make you depressed at first, but afterward it will be beneficial for you. Set a small goal, take actions and accomplish your with honesty.

                                                                                          Be Honest

Be Honest With Others:

Honesty and integrity pave the way for better relationship. Figure out why you lie and who you lie to.  Lies to make ourselves look better might include exaggerations, trappings, to make ourselves feel better about our inadequacies.

When you're unhappy about something, it's much easier to fill it in with lies than tell the truth. People who constantly lie not only lose their friends but their reputation since no one likes associating with dishonest characters.

Honesty is the foundation of any well-working association. Whether it is with parents, friends, or relatives, honesty is important. No relationship can be successful without trust, which is gained from being honest. 

Let your truthfulness astonish people, not your exaggeration or lie. Be honest and the whole thing will turn out healthy for you, and you will believe that truly, “Honesty is the Best Policy” for better living.

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