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Be Geniune and Life Will be Fantastic

Be Genuine, and Life will be Fantastic…

Life is beautiful, if we live our lives on the superficial level, life becomes so dry and boring. However, when we attach with each other from our heart, then there is some genuineness. And that genuineness makes life more gorgeous and authentic.

When someone is genuine, that person seems to be at peace, exhibit a high level of energy and ever ready to smile. He or she is not trying to impress anyone else.

When you are happy, when your heart is pure and clear, and you have no negative approach towards anybody, then you grow the power to mend and bless others. When we find harmony within ourselves, we spread out peace and happiness. If you take a little more time, we can go deep into knowledge. And when there is knowledge, nothing can take away your happiness.

How to be Genuine?

Decide what it means to be "genuine." We are all unique individuals, but few people have absolute confrontation to the credible influence of advertisers, the media, and peer pressure to obey the rules. Be genuine and do whatever is right according to you.

Spend some time alone and think who you really are.  Spend time with those who motivates you.

Think about your own family history and culture. We may not always like where we come from, but there is no escaping the influence our history has on who and what we are. 

Always be honest. It's easy to think we're honest and sincere but in order to work diplomatically and appropriately with others, it seems like we've started compete in our day to day interactions. Obviously to be genuine you have to be honest.


Be authentic and smile when the smile is not artificial. Give genuine respects. Be aware that not everyone appreciates genuineness so politely decline offers to go outside your comfort zone, especially in areas which compromise your truthfulness.

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