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Be Futuristic

                                                                     Be Futuristic

The structure of our education system is in a state of transform. Online education is becoming popular, as well as specifically online educational institutions, offer Internet-based sessions. Furthermore, online or web based programs with a limited-cost serve the same purpose. While the design of traditional schools, colleges, universities or educational institutions isn't likely to vanish, learners believe school or college is moving towards web based programs. The results indicate that the School of the Future is thought to be accessible, versatile, impressive, low-cost and job-focused. While higher education isn't there yet, technological innovation and management seem to be resting the foundation. At best, the current thinking about school reform gives only a symbol nod to the unmatched access and connectedness that the Online symbolizes. Most instructors or educators are using online content while teaching. Even those who call for instructors or teachers integrate technology innovation into their daily practice think about such changes as step-by-step rather than major.Even those who call for teachers to integrate technology into their daily practice imagine such reforms as incremental rather than transformative.

Making education accessible at low-cost

The majority of students believed that universities or educational institutes will put forth an effort to incorporate online features that make learning more accessible. While not all universities or institutes currently offer such options, some are headed in the direction of greater accessibility.

Flexibility in education

The study exposed that students basically agree that schools, colleges or institutes will provide online courses that follow no set schedule. This means students can view class content any time anywhere, or complete exams from home whenever they wish. While in-person classes may not yet have this kind of flexibility, many online courses do. For instance, students of web-based classes can take online examinations rather than taking the test in a classroom. 

Focusing education on careers

Ideally, school or college prepares students for their careers. Most of students felt that in the future, schools will make job preparation the focus of higher education. They also believe that courses will be customized by institution leaders to ensure students get the knowledge they need for their careers.

So you should have a futuristic vision for further education.

  • We need to participate in face-to-face learning 
  •  We need to learn through global communities
  •  We need to build a personal learning network
  • We should develop self-learning practice using online learning tools
  •  We should change or transform ourselves as per trend

We need to be futurist. We are not marching slowly into the future; we are speeding toward it, go-ahead by the exponential rate of change.

                                                                            By Letstute

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