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                                                                           Be COURAGEOUS

You surely must have heard the story of the ant and the elephant in your primary class. At first, how the gigantic elephant destroys that ant’s herd but how that single ant shows courage, fights back, climbs into the trunk of the elephant and makes the elephant to bend on his knees. What does this simple story tells you all? Very valiantly it tells; no matter how humongous the obstacle is with the weapon of courage on your side you can defeat any obstacle and win.

There are times when you go through rough phases; nothing goes through your way and what you end up doing most of the times is complaining about yourself or cursing your fate. But you seriously need to stop doing that to yourself you cannot let that happen every time to you. Rather use that phase in progressive manner. Calmly listen to all the criticism made on you, good or bad, use them as an aide, then collect and gather all the energy you want from it. Be patient but at the same time be on your toes too and when the opportunity arrives strike it with all the courage you gathered during your rough time. You will be surprised to see the results yourself. You will be amazed to know the wonders you can do, which was till now a hidden potential in you.

                                        ‘Where there is a will there is a way’.

So keep in mind, tough time comes in everyone’s life but only those succeed who are ready to stand up to those problems, show courage and fight those challenges.


                                                                                                                   By Letstute




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