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Be Brave

                                                                     Be BRAVE….


Being brave is often misunderstood by most of us. Brave doesn’t mean that you need to stand up against anything randomly without being decisive. But being brave does mean standing for yourself, your right decisions, your achievements, your goals and the most important, standing for what you believe is right. Brave means to strongly stand in favour of the decisions which you stand for, of course the path won’t be easy, but being brave will not only help you to cross those hurdles but will also let you achieve your dreams.


Remember whatever you plan for, in actuality there’s always some unexpected surprises, good or worse – easy or difficult, waiting for you. Under such circumstances, only those who gather all their strength and show their braveness to stand can only go beyond the obstacles and hurdles and can reap the pleasure from the benefits of their hard work done. The point where you are in cognitive minds about your goal is very vital because that is the moment when you need to assemble all your potential, show your bravery and go for that extra mile which lies straight ahead of you.


Being brave helps us to face up to anxiety and recognize it as a normal stage in learning something new. To grow and develop to our full potential, we need to step outside the realm of our ‘normal’ behaviour and do something that stretches our limitations, make wider our knowledge, and challenges us to explore and discover new frontiers.

Here is a great motivational quote by the well known literature personality Ralph Waldo Emerson and he says,


“A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is braver five minutes longer.”


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