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Are you an Achiever

                                                          Are you an Achiever?


It is very important to set proper goals in one’s life. You have to set your goal and try to achieve your goal, no matter what your goal is; getting 100/100 in exams, or getting first rank in the class, school or college or bagging 1st prize in the sports or extracurricular activities, for all of these, require strong determination and hard work. This requires having the spark of an achiever inside you. Being an achiever means being a person who with the skill and efforts can take challenges, whether they are big or small. Every single step towards your goal will make you confident towards your final achievement. Also, if you are determined towards achieving your goal then you will definitely succeed.


The most important virtue which you are lacking is self confidence; the confidence in yourself. You need to know that to achieve anything, the first and the foremost important quality is to build or develop your self confidence. If that is in right proportion then rest of your preparation will certainly consume less time. Here are some vital steps which will definitely improve your self confidence and will help you to achieve your desired goal.


  1. Planning – Plan in advance, don’t wait for the time, always be ahead of time. Don’t keep things pending for last moment.
  2. Motivation – Keep yourself motivated by keeping every ‘object of distraction’ away.
  3. Confidence – Ignite your inner self confidence, remember you are best at whatever you do.


Always strive towards hard work because it is the key to success. Remember that there are no shortcuts of achieving anything until you give your 100% to it. Plan before you start, bring that plan into action and keep working on it until and unless you achieve that goal of yours. So, remember always be an achiever, be on your toes, be determined towards your goal and grab any opportunity which comes through your way. Once you achieve something you desire for, you yourself will cherish your achievement; you will stand apart from the rest. Always remember, to achieve your desired goal you need to work hard and keep trying until you succeed in your task; ‘no pain no gain’. Always be an achiever and remember this great inspirational quote by Jonathan Sacks,


“No great achiever – even those who made it seem easy – ever succeeded without hard work.”


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