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21st Century Education

21st Century Education

“Education with technology is the need of the hour”

The 21st century has brought in new perspective of living. With the advent of technology, youngsters have not only become smart but also have found ways and means to get their work done. The new, booming smarter students are riding these technologies and using them to the fullest. But is it happening in reality? Are the 21st century students using the technological tools to their benefit or has the technology added to their distraction? Of course, like all other things, technology too has its benefits and limitations. Being a student in this generation and coping with all the ongoing things, social media intake or television exposure, at the same time, is not an easy task. So, what is needed? How are things to be looked at? 

While I listen to complains, most of the parents and teachers report; my/your son or daughter is exposed to too much television, internet or mobile usage. I agree, these certainly have added to one of the distractions of a 21st century students. Earlier, before the arrival of these tools, things seemed to be plain; one used to visit the library to read and get all the required materials for their academics. The habit of newspaper reading was prevalent. Students considered books to be their best friends. The advent of new technology in a new century has flipped the scenario. We do have all the readable data needed at just a click away or rather a touch away in this era of smart phones. There is certainly a drop in the newspaper reading. This certainly indicates about the drop in reading habits of the new generation. We have moved to visual oriented data more and the new technological tools are providing just what we want.

We don’t condemn a student using a mobile or internet. But, the concern grows when the student uses it for rather non beneficial purposes, like sitting for hours together on ‘Facebook’ and chatting rather than using it for his/her benefits, like studies or improving general knowledge.

Another core issue is that, the education with time has become costly. So the student who studies, soon after finishing education thinks of earning back the money instead of putting good use to the knowledge earned. This is a far more serious issue for both the education provider and the person pursuing education because it will certainly lead to a stagnated use of knowledge instead of it burgeoning.

There is a lot to boast about the 21st century education too. The introduction of technology has revolutionized education, starting from a very primary stage to even the highest of education, like Ph. D’s. No one can keep themselves apart from this wave of technology and this in some manner or the other has influenced everybody; from parents to teachers and from them it's passed on to the students. There is an endless list of how technology has transformed education. If we consider classrooms, a projector has become a necessity on a major scale, computer are must in every schools. Some schools even have electronic boards in the classroom for teaching the concept using innovating ways. And to think on this, it all has happened in a span of not more than 10-12 years.

Technology is adapted by all; the teachers, the parents and they should let the students and their children do the same respectively. Remember, the future is going to be technology driven and we do want our young ones to be not simply using but riding that technology, so that they won’t have a problem in flowing with the stream. It is only a matter of providing proper guidance. Say, if a child is given an assignment and he simply copies it from the internet and submits, will this be beneficial for the child? Of course not! So what’s the remedy?

We believe the remedy is easy. That is, just to guide the student on the path of good knowledge. Instead of just giving him/her assignments they can be told authenticate online resources from where they can gather information. But to do that we need responsible selective individuals too. And this can be done by none other but the second parents, the teachers. There are online libraries, like the American library, the Oxford library, Sage publication library and many more. There are PDFs available too, which can be read on customized gadgets like Kindle or on an average regular smart phone. The technology is evolving and so is the means of education with it.

We need to keep in mind that we are living in a technology driven era, so any form of online material, videos or online guides or Q & A sites will surely help the students. These sites will not only keep them engaged, as they are on internet but will also help them to visit various references at a single click. To sum up with, if technology is used in its proper sense, it would prove an added advantage for all in this 21st century generation.

To satisfy the demand of 21st century students, letstute provides e-school on web absolutely free of cost for the students where students can watch the videos and learn the concept anytime anywhere. Students can post their queries any time to get answers from our experts within a short span. We also help students to complete their home work through e-tutoring. We provide online test for the students to check their strength and weakness. 

                                                                                                                                     By Let’s tute Team

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