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Pair of linear equations in two variables

For all real values of c, the pair of equations x - 2y = 8, 5x + 10y = c have a unique solution. Justify whether it is true or false.


Puspita Chattopadhyay

Hi Puspita Chattopadhyay !
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The statement is true.

A pair of linear eqations have unique solution, if, the ratios of the general form (ax + by + c = 0) of the two equations i.e. a1/a2 and a2/b2 are not equal.

Here, the ratio a1/a2 is 1/5 and a2/b2 is -2/10, and hence, a1/a2 ≠ a2/b2.

the value of the ratio of the constant is not at all related.

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