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Introduction to trigonometry

What if a restaurant needed to build a wheelchair ramp for its customers? The angle of elevation for a ramp is recommended to be 5^\circ . If the vertical distance from the sidewalk to the front door is two feet, what is the horizontal distance that the ramp will take up (x) ? How long will the ramp be (y) ? Round your answers to the nearest hundredth. After completing this Concept, you'll be able to use trigonometry to solve this problem.

Kumar Thawal

Hi Kumar Thawal !
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Sin5o = 2/y

therefore, y = 2/sin5o

               y = 2/0.08715

               y = 22.94

Cos5o = x/y

Cos5o = x/22.94

0.996 = x/22.94

x = 0.996 x 22.94

x = 22.84

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